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Congratulations to Rebel on Winning the
Lake Erie Championship
Ford Yacht Club, Grosse Ile, MI

Third Place: Matros

Second Place: Rebel

First Place: Just One More

Congratulations to
Just One More on winning the
St. Pete NOOD Regatta

Cary Diehl, our Secretary/Treasurer is now accepting 2021 Membership Applications. You can pay and fill out the form completely online here. This year you will get a sticker to put on your vehicle or trailer to show your support of the S2 7.9 Class. Decals are no longer required to be placed on your boat, however you are still required to be a class member to participate in Class Sanctioned events. Membership for the class is only $40/ year, which is significantly less than Class membership in other boats of similar size: Melges 20- $500/year, Melges 24- $225/year, J70- $100/year, and J24 $90/year. In addition to supporting the Class, your dues go towards the class website, the rudder replacement option and most importantly the mast replacement program. Being a current class member also entitles you to a discount if you are ever in need of a new mast or rudder. There have been reports that the linked Google form does not work on certain computers at work. If so, try a home computer or mobile device.

2021 Membership Applications
are now being accepted


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Thank you for visiting the S2 7.9 Class Website. We look forward to seeing you out on the water

2022 Regattas


St. Pete NOOD
February 18-20

Lake Erie
Ford Yacht Club
Grosse Ile, MI
June 4-5

Lake Huron
Port Huron YC
Port Huron, MI
August 6-7


2022 Class Championship
Port Huron, MI

September 15-18, 2022

Nashville Equalizer
October 15-16

Future CCR Locations

2023- Racine, WI
2024- Holland, MI
2025- Grosse Ile, MI

Congratulations to Extreme2 for Wining the Nashville Equalizer Regatta


Congratulations to Fun Uncle on Winning
Lake Huron Championship Regatta

Congratulations to Extreme2
on Winning the
2021 Class Championship Regatta


First Place- Rebel

Second Place- Gauntlet

Third Place- Scratch


First Place: Fun Uncle

Second Place: Scratch

Third Place: Rebel

The Lake Huron Championship brought a variety of conditions and lots of close racing all weekend. Congratulations to Fun Uncle for taking the top prize winning the tie breaker with Scratch taking second. Rebel finished third and High n Tight took fourth. Thanks to everyone at PHYC for their hospitality, beautiful club and an amazing place to race!

Congratulations to Extreme2 on winning
The Nashville Equalizer


First Place-Extreme2

Second Place- Rebel

Third Place- Fun Uncle

The Nashville Equalizer was another fantastic Regatta down South. Boats started arriving Thursday with most setting up Friday. The crews were treated to a band on the porch of the club along with food and drinks. Five races were sailed Saturday in big wind and sunny skies. Paul's party was held Saturday evening with the highlight being Paul's infamous gumbo. Although lighter winds prevailed on Sunday, we were still able to get in 2 more races for a total of seven races sailed. Extreme2 came in first, Challenge in second and Skyhawk was third and also the top amateur boat. Thank you to James and David for organizing a great regatta and to Paul for graciously inviting everyone into his home.


Extreme2- First Place


Challenge-Second Place

Skyhawk-Third Place

The 2022 edition of the St. Pete NOOD did not disappoint. The regatta was attended by 16 S2 7.9s which the highest number of S2 7.9s in a decade, if not ever. Three days of racing were filled with good times, good wind, sun and temperature near 80 degrees on Sunday.

Congratulations to Matros on Winning the
St. Pete NOOD

NEW. Sail Certificate forms for new sails can be found here

Updated Rules and
Sail Certificates are now available

The rules changes from the Annual Class meeting have been entered into the official class rules. They can be found here. New updates include splitting Secretary and Treasurer into separate positions, mainsail reef no longer required, towable cars can only be 1:1 purchase, and sail certificates are required for new sails. The new sail certificates will allow for a easier process of checking in sails at the CCR.

New sails are required to have a S2 7.9 Class Association Sail Certificate submitted to and to the owner. There is a form for each type of sail. Each form includes the appropriate rules for the sail and info the sailmaker shall put on the sail. The forms can be found here and also under Rules/Docs


First Place- Matros


Second Place- K2

Third Place- Just One More

Join the S2 7.9 Class in Grosse Ile, Michigan as the regatta season moves to the Great Lakes. Grosse Ile is at the mouth of the Detroit River and the Northwest corner of Lake Erie. It is about 30 min South of the City of Detroit. The recent addition of the Lake Erie Championship has quickly become a class favorite. There is a ramp on site with plenty of room for setup and trailer parking. The clubhouse and grounds are fantastic venue for post regatta fun. Cary Diehl and Ford Yacht Club are aiming for another great regatta.

Registration is now open for the
Lake Erie Championship
June 4-5

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