Forestay and Dimension"I"

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Forestay and Dimension"I"

Post by normbue »

As a new owner, I have a problem.
In all the 7.9 Specs, including those in the race rules,it calls for the "I" Dim to be 30ft6in, However, throughout the forums and Rig setup, Including one the one from Doyle. they call for a Forestay length of 31ft 8in. Would someone fill me in? If the racing specs call for one thing, can you over race with something else?
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Re: Forestay and Dimension"I"

Post by Tim Bosma »

I is the vertical height from the deck to the top of the headstay. The headstay length is the diagonal length from the bow to the top of the headstay. For the S2 7.9 the two numbers you have are correct.
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