Really Dumb idea?

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Really Dumb idea?

Post by LarryE-old »

We live in a area where we can sail North-South for a couple hundred miles, east coast of Florida. As we have gotten older we are sailing the boat more for fun, less racing. 90% of the time the breeze is E or SE.
Just wondering how a crusing asymmetrical sail would work.
AJ Oliver
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Re: Really Dumb idea?

Post by AJ Oliver »

Has anyone tried this? I'd also like to know how well it works.

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Re: Really Dumb idea?

Post by Tom Elsen »

Just my SWAG here: I think you'd find the sail useful, but likely in a more limited range and set of conditions than you think. And more specifically, where ease/simplicity is valued over VMG.
I've never sailed the boat with a cruis-y assym, but I have used a bunch of + 140% genoas in the past. Some of our guys at Wayzata have them. They're hold-overs from the old MORC days. Those sails outperform in a range of about 14-16kts, depending on your crew weight and your boathandling skills. Very limited range.
Larry, if you guys get a lot of conditions with the TWA 100º - 160º off the bow, flat to moderately rolling water, under 12kts TWS, and you're not racing but you still want to steer the boat (no autopilot), that's where I think the sail would work. Otherwise...maybe not.
Good luck.
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