New Keel?

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New Keel?

Post by cdiehl7 » Fri Mar 14, 2014 11:57 am

I'm helping a friend rebuild his 7.9. Long story short, the keel he has for the boat had all the fiberglass removed. (See picture)

I see 2 ways to fix this for him:

Option 1: - build glass around the keel and fair it out to templates (sounds like a ton of work to get it right.)

Option 2: - We have a keel that has little use on it... it still has the parting line on it from the mold and probably has less than 100 miles of sailing on it. However, this keel was put in another boat last year. I was thinking we could take it back out of this boat and build a mold off of it, then use the lead from what is left in the picture and create a new keel(s).

If we did option 2, does anyone else have any interest in a new keel? Would the class want the molds? (If we go this route, I'm going to try and get a local boat builder to do the work.)
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