New mast tube prices

Please see the post RE new 7.9 masts

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Tom Elsen
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New mast tube prices

Post by Tom Elsen » Wed Jul 02, 2008 2:19 pm

I'm sure everyone knows what's happened to the price of commodities in the last couple of years. It's been our policy to (generally) keep pace with those increases. But the prices haven't been posted here. One of our members suggested that we fix the problem. So:
The current price for mast tubes is -
$900 for class members
$1500 for non-members

Please recall that anyone wishing to purchase a tube at the class member price must have been a class member for 12 months prior to doing so. We have made no exceptions to this rule, and I think that's fair. Membership in the class association should have benefits. This is one of them.

The Class Association financed the engineering and extrusion of these aluminum tubes. We (the Association) are the owners of the stock.

NewJSI in Tampa FL are the only authorized fabricators of the actual masts. Contact Dave Johnson ( or call them directly. Once you pay the class for the tube, Dave and his crew will begin fabrication. This is a separate contract and the price depends on options you may include plus shipping costs.

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Doug Stuart
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Re: New mast tube prices

Post by Doug Stuart » Wed May 25, 2011 2:13 pm

Could you please tell me who to submit the money to for a new mast?

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Doug Frye
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From Dave Johnson at JSI S2 7.9 Mast

Post by Doug Frye » Tue Nov 15, 2011 9:41 pm

Your cost on a complete mast with spreaders and a steaming light with PVC conduit to the top is $2162. We need you to send us the existing mast plug as we have never supplied these. We can offer you a $150 credit if you would like to re-use your old spreader bracket. As you mentioned you would buy the extrusion through the association and they would authorize me to build a spar. The class actually owns the extrusion and we store it here.

Shipping is quoted per job and we often try to piggy back a spar with yacht hauler. We have access to a more specialized freight carrier who will had load in side racks.
Typically we can get it anywhere in the great lakes region-and the northeast in the $1000-$1200 range. You can pick it up here at our facility in St. Pete however you would be subject to Florida sales tax of 7%.
Doug Frye

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Re: New mast tube prices

Post by Runaway » Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:23 am

Does anyone have the dimension of the mast height?
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Tim Bosma
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Re: New mast tube prices

Post by Tim Bosma » Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:49 pm

from the lines drawing in the owners manual, the I dimension (mast height above deck) is 30.5 feet.
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Re: New mast tube prices

Post by dave » Thu Jan 26, 2012 10:22 pm

The I dimension and mast height are only close or the same on a masthead rig......................................

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Re: New mast tube prices

Post by dave » Sat Jan 28, 2012 11:04 am

In case you still need the length, I was at the lake yesterday taking rig and deck measurements of the 7.9. Conveniently, my mast is laying on foam blocks, very easy to accurately measure! 8) The tube itself (not counting the base) w/the welded on top cap is 32' 5.125".

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Re: New mast tube prices

Post by LarryE-old » Tue Jan 26, 2016 5:57 pm

FYI, JSI is now Island Nautical Enterprises.
Same helpful staff, just new name.

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Re: New mast tube prices

Post by Carson1226 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 3:46 pm

On the market for a mast, looks like this post was last updated in 2012 or something. any idea if these mast are still for sale and how difficult it would be to go from "blank" to Complete mast if I were to do it myself?

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