Protest and penalty question

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Protest and penalty question

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In a PHRF race last week, I was on a Starboard Tack and a boat on a Port tack cut right in front of me. I order to avoid the collision, I made a sharp turn to the right. But by the time I got the situation cleared and back on course, I had lost about 30 seconds and fell pretty far back in the pack. I protested him and he did the required 720 turn.
Now...He lost time by doing his punishment, but is there a way I can make up for the time I lost. It doesn't seem right that I should lose that time for his mistake.
I've looked thru the rules but do not find anywhere where this is addressed. It's happened before, but in those cases it didn't make much difference, but in this one it could've cost me the race.
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Re: Protest and penalty question

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I know this is an old question, but thought I'd add an answer.
Sadly, nothing you can really do.

You did the right thing of course. You MUST avoid collision at all cost - its just a race, not life, so we protect life/limb. You protested, which was right. The boat that made the mistake, completed his penalty, which was right.

Sadly the time you lost in the confusion, will never get back to you. If your racing is that close, that you could never recover from such a thing, then you have found very great racing indeed.

Its why I say, a protest is great and all, but the unfortunate side effect ruins both racer's chances in many cases. Which is why we don't get into luffing rights, eventually the two fighting each other wind up behind the pack.
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