2011 CCR

2011 Class Championship Regatta

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Mark Rode
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2011 CCR

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Thank you to the Boston's and Sarnia for a great regatta! A good time was had, racing was very good. Thank you to Bill for excellent race management. You have a beautiful venue for sailing!
Mark Rode
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Re: 2011 CCR

Post by cdiehl7 »

Second that, Thank you Boston family for everything and Sarnia Yacht Club. That was our first S2 event and can't wait to do our next!
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Tac Boston
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Re: 2011 CCR

Post by Tac Boston »

There are a ton of pictures that Brandy took for the event here


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Tim Bosma
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Re: 2011 CCR

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Tac & Brandy,
May I have permission to use these pics on both the Class web site and the Fleet1 web site?
Tim Bosma, Bosun
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Garry Roberts
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Re: 2011 CCR

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Thank You
Spike / Boston family and Sarina YC for all the work and effort put forth in putting on the CCR this year. It did not go unnoticed!!! Thanks.... We loved the area and the sailing venue is outstanding. Our first trip to Sarnia YC left us wanting/ knowing we can do better. Can't wait to come back and for future encounters.

Garry Roberts
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Tom Elsen
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Many Thanks to the Boston Family

Post by Tom Elsen »

To: Spike, Brandy, Lindsey, Tac and Brad:

Many thanks for EVERYTHING you guys did in planning and running this year's CCR.
I suppose it's easy to say "It wouldn't have happened without you guys."
But that's not enough.

You guys all been such a great influence in this class.
You donate time, energy, effort, and resources beyond - so that the rest of us can enjoy what we love: sailing.
Every time we're out on the water, every time we get to sail with our many friends in this class....we owe you...at least a little.

On behalf of all of us from Hard Tack - Many Many Thanks.
What you do does not go unnoticed, or, unappreciated.
Best wishes,
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