S-2 7.9FK or S-2 27 foot HRLP

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S-2 7.9FK or S-2 27 foot HRLP

Post by TomFrenn » Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:50 pm

I thought I had a S-2 7-9FK but two persons have told me because I have 3 windows and an air vent window I have S-2 27 feet.
On the pictures I have found of the S-2 27 the traveler is on top of the cockpit. Those that have inboards have a two cylinder inboard
motor. My S-2 has a one cylinder Yanmar diesel. The Traveler is in the middle of the cockpit. The instruments look different also,
We never got a manual which I hears was normal for many S-2's The original main sail had S-2 7.9 like I have seen on many pictures
of S-2 7.9. The ad is on this website with a couple pictures. The S-2 history I have seen says that there were 17 S-2 7.9FK made.
My interior is arranged like the pictures for S-2 27. but I do not have some of the features of S-2 27 such as a hot water heater.
I do not have the serial number but will try to get it when the snow melts. It is currently under plastic in the South Shore Yacht Club yard. If anyone has any ideas or want to buy contact me
Tom Frenn tfrenn@wi.rr.com or 414-588-2713
More details and pictures are on this website in the ad ,

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