traveller line

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traveller line

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What are the experiences,pros and cons of using a continuous traveller line.
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You can trip on it, other lines can pass between it and the traveler, you can accidentally release it if someone steps on the line and there isn't enough slack, and if it's really blowing and you can't one-hand it, it's difficult to hand the rope to someone else for help. All really minor once you get used to it.

You can grab and release both sides if you are standing anywhere near it. You don't have to go to the low side of the boat to release it (if it's cleated on the low side, for whatever reason).

I have a continuous and I love it, especially when I tack.
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continous traveller line

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Tom pretty well covers it. We took a few tries to get the best length. Ours sags to just below the traveller bar.
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