7.9 that did the Pacific Cup, doublehanded

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7.9 that did the Pacific Cup, doublehanded

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Arturo the AquaBoy, out of Seattle.

https://pacificcup.org/archive/pcupresu ... esults.pdf

Time..San Francisco to Kaneohe Bay, 12 days, 12 hours and change. That's fast.

Boat Bio - https://pacificcup.org/archive/98/entries/Artu.html

I've talked to the crew and besides the usual safety stuff, rules and autopilots, they had two big things to say.

1. Replace the rudder. They tried the race in 1996 and busted the the stock rudder off. They recommend going to a custom build, and getting a shape that should be much faster than the stock 80-'s rudder and then taking whatever rating hit the committee gives you.

2. pinning the centerboard down...basically, they drilled holes straight through the centerboard trunk from port to starboard a little above the waterline. They ran a couple of big, 1/2 inch (or bigger) s.s. bolts from one side to the other. That way, if the boat goes upside down, the board can't fall out. Personally, I'd probably use squishy rubber washers to help make it all watertight.

Just thought you'd all be interested.
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